Leaf Guard

Gutter is installed on a home to protect the house from the damages that water may cause if not directed properly.  But keeping that water flowing can sometimes be a hassle if you have trees in your area.  To assure that your gutters are working properly you MUST clean out your gutters AT LEAST twice a season.  This involves climbing onto the roof, scooping out the muck, blowing out the leaves, and flushing out the downspouts.  Or, you can hire a company to clean out your gutters for as much as several hundred dollars each time the gutter is cleaned out.  OR, you can have Leaf Guard installed.

B&C Seamless can and will install any product that our customer would like.  Leaf protection is called by many names:  Gutter Guard, Gutter Helmet, Gutter Screen, Leaf Screen, and Leaf Guard.  Many of these are patented and sold by one company or another. However, there is only 1 product we will indorse-Smart Flow Leaf Guard. We guarantee that our Leaf Guard installed by our team will never clog during its lifetime.  We are so confident in this that if our undamaged, Smart Flow Leaf Guard installed by our or own installers ever clogs, we will clean out your gutter system for free!  But that’s not the best part, Smart Flow Leaf Guard is one of the least expensive gutter protection products on the market.  So, not only do you get an excellent product, you no longer need to clean out your gutter several times a year. Put up your ladder and take a rest.

Why would we push a product when we could make so much more on another, more expensive product?  Our reputation in VERY important to us.  We want our customers happy.  In the past 20 years, we have pulled down old gutter with every kind of gutter protection imaginable.  In that 20 years, we have NEVER seen a gutter with undamaged Smart Flow Leaf Guard clog.  Here’s how it works:

Smart Flow

Without wind or rain, leaves can collect on top of the gutter.  At the first rain or wind, the leaves will just blow off.  Smart Flow Leaf Guard keeps your gutter clean and the weather will keep your leaf guard clean.  No matter what you call it, leaf screen, gutter protection, leaf guard, or even “that leaf thingy”.  We will know what you want, and give you the best product on the market. With the best guarantee.